Learning Environment

In 2015 the major rebuild of our school and hall, refurbishment of two remaining freestanding classroom blocks and extensive landscaping was completed.

Bayfield School now functions as Innovative Learning Space (ILS)* environments which are digitally connected, flexible spaces that allow teachers to tailor learning for small or large groups.  

Each space includes open areas for collaborative learning and quiet spaces for independent learning, as well as technology, media, arts, resource and reading spaces.
Research proves that the design of ILS environments creates a secure and stimulating learning environment and supports innovative and imaginative teaching practices.  The end result is a boost in student engagement levels, which can lead to improved academic achievement.  ILS designs meet special standards for acoustics, lighting, ventilation and heating.  
Each year group are learning communities and they decide on a name.  At the moment they are native trees; Titoki, Kowhai, Pohutukawa, Totara and Rimu.  From time-to-time year group learning communities will join up with each other for combined learning, activities and events.

Each learning spaces, or hubs, have three classroom spaces with 75-85 students and three teachers.  In most cases we have three classes at each year level working in a space although this is dependent on the number of children that are in each year group.   One of the teachers in each hub will be the Leader of the Learning community.

*An innovative learning environment (ILE) is the complete physical, social and pedagogical context in which learning is intended to occur. Having the right property, and flexible learning spaces (FLS) in particular, is one part of creating an ILE.  Note: formally these spaces were referred to as Modern Learning Environments (MLEs), this was recently changed to ILE, a more internationally recognised term for the spaces – Ministry of Education, 2016

In the junior school as well as the three learning spaces in the new building there are two freestanding teaching spaces, one a two classroom space and the other a one classroom space.  These classrooms are used for our new entrant classes that start during the school year.